BENCHMARK: Robin’s Container-aware block storage picks up where Red Hat’s Gluster failed…

Containers are clearly helping Enterprises build a more agile and simpler IT environment, but ultimately a potential convoluted one. This means a greater need for dynamic networking and, of course, more adaptable storage beyond the container level and within an application context.

In a rapidly transforming storage scenario wherein faster, cheaper, locally accessible storage is a major driving factor, coupled with the need to deal with persistent data in a containerized infrastructure, and the fact that Docker storage options fall short in not being able to provide data protection or execute Ops functions such as snapshots or replication, the need for a comprehensive storage solution for stateful applications becomes all the more critical. 


In this paper, we look at the Docker storage options and compare Robin’s containerized block storage with RedHat’s Gluster with detailed YCSB benchmarks.

  • Storage needs for Containerized Stateful Applications 
  • Storage transformation and limitations of Docker storage options
  • Robin block storage vs GlusterFS benchmarks

Docker Storage OptionsBenchmarks
Robin vs. GlusterFS

Download this free Docker Storage Options and Robin Block Storage vs GlusterFS white paper  to learn how you can get storage that is 40%-60% more efficient than existing options.