Building stateful applications in the cloud alone is not easy. There are numerous challenges and pitfalls lurking in the path. We've assembled a group of leading DevOps, cloud, big data, and database practitioners to help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize the value of the cloud for your stateful applications.

In this ebook, 10 experts weigh in on the future of deploying and managing stateful enterprise applications with containers. 

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You’ll learn how to:

✔ Gain optimal stateful application performance with containers

✔ Avoid common deployment and lifecycle management mistakes

✔ Overcome challenges at the storage layer

CLOUD EBOOK Building Stateful Cloud Applications
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“There are many approaches and pitfalls with containerized stateful applications. What they all have in common is the requirement to reliably validate all possible states and state transitions when changes are made to the application.”

Marc Hornbeek
Principal Consultant, Trace3

“Maintaining an isolation between the container and hosts system by separating the file systems is vital towards management of the stateful application.”

Dr. Craig Brown PhD
Author & Technology Consultant