Hyper-Converged Platform
Use Cases

Robin simplifies enterprise cloud-native deployments by completely reducing the
complexity associated with typical Kubernetes deployments.


Relational and NoSQL Databases Using Kubernetes

Big Data

Big Data Systems like Hadoop, Spark & Cassandra


Aritficial Intelligence & Machine Learning Workloads

What Customers Say

"We chose ROBIN because it allowed us to simplify and automate how our analytic pipeline is managed. Our big data infrastructure has been growing dramatically, and we needed a solution that made it easy to manage and scale these applications that was also consistent with our cloud roadmap."

usaa-imageEric Smith, USAA Chief Data and Analytics Officer


About Robin.io

ROBIN solves the fundamental challenges of running big data and databases in Kubernetes and enables the deployment of an agile, and flexible infrastructure for your Enterprise Applications.

ROBIN is the first implementation of hyper-converged Kubernetes in the market. Using ROBIN users can do self-service deployment of big data, NoSQL databases, RDBMS, and AI/ML, share entire experiments among team members, quickly do what-if trials, scale resources including GPU and IOPs, and migrate as well as recreate entire application environments across data centers and clouds.

ROBIN offers a self-service app-store experience that simplifies deployment and lifecycle management with 1-click functions that shorten DevOps and IT tasks from hours and weeks to minutes. It makes applications truly agnostic of infrastructure choices and enables them to share resources and data with predictable performance, leading to significant cost savings.


Learn about the enterprise cloud-native
requirements and how Robin’s Hyper-Converged Kubernetes platform as the right fit to meet their needs.