Meeting Seasonal Data Peaks

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Deploying, right sizing, and the ability to meet seasonal peaks without disrupting availability are often seen as difficult challenges in a big data and Hadoop deployment.

In this webinar, we will discuss these operational complexities and how to overcome them without adversely impacting the business.

Eric_ThorsenEric Thorsen is VP, Industry Solution at Hortonworks, with a specialty in Retail and Consumer Products

Eric holds over 25 years of technology expertise. Prior to joining Hortonworks, Eric was a VP with SAP, managing strategic customers in Retail and CP industries. Focusing on business value and impact of technology on business imperatives, Eric has counseled grocers, e-commerce, durables and hardline manufacturers, as well as fashion and specialty retailers.

Eric’s focus on open source big data provides strategic direction for revenue and margin gain, greater consumer loyalty, and cost-takeout opportunities.

Picture_Deba Deba Chatterjee, Director of Products at Robin Systems, has worked on data intensive applications a for more than 15 years. In his previous position as Senior Principle Product Manager, Oracle Multi-Tenant, Deba worked on delivering mission critical solutions for one of the biggest enterprise databases.

At Robin Systems, Deba has contributed his significant experience to building the Robin Cloud Platform that delivers Bare Metal performance and application level Quality of Service across all applications to help companies meet peak workloads while maximizing off-peak utilization. 


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